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Apprenticeship Program

I am constantly scanning schools and salons for top talent to apprentice with me and hone their skills as stylists. I can accommodate two to four apprentices in a year and the program typically takes 10-12 months depending on dedication. I am looking for motivated, intelligent self-starters with clearly defined personal image. A passion for the industry and the will to learn are a must.


In addition to working closely with my apprentices, I often open my space to allow for other experienced stylists to shadow me for a day. After taking my class, you may observe my techniques in practice in the salon environment. Doing this allows a real-time understanding of work flow and management of time and assets.


As an Eagle Scout, I learned the importance of sharing my knowledge with younger associates. I offer my skills as a mentor to young men and women in cosmetology school and those seeking advice in business, leadership, and counseling. I firmly believe that through giving back what I have learned, the community grows together.