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Editorial Styling at Ion Studio

View from Wooster in SohoTools of the 'tail.Tight, proper ponytail

I've spent the past two days at Ion Studio in Soho mastering the technique of the precision ponytail. Often overlooked, this is the structural foundation for many other styles, as well being the platform for a classic simple finish. Getting perfectly even tension and a smooth polish is the key to making this style flawless to the camera lens for print and runway. Many thanks to Pasquale Ferrante, Sarajane Lynch, Leonardo Manetti, Marco Santini and the rest of the Ion family.


Lord, Have Mercer!

Sample gradients for the Mercer exclusive family of One'sThe unassuming facade of 21 MercerHair Force One: a 21 Mercer designed exclusiveFriday afternoon was spent with Voodoo Ray, a design consultant at the nondescript 21 Mercer design center for Nike Sportswear in SoHo. Nestled quietly amongst residential and commercial interests with miniscule signage, 21 Mercer is easily overlooked. As you enter, there are modest amounts of unadorned sportswear and athletic shoes with an overwhelming emphasis on black tones. Speakers blast classic hip hop and grunge to keep out the uninvited. When recognized as a client with an appointment, I was whisked back to the back where everything changes.

Entering the design room, I'm ushered through the smoked glass sliding privacy doors into the comfy haven of plush leather sofas with sneakerhead coffee table books. The music is different here, as is the lighting. The push of a button starts the mechanical hum of the automated skylights filling the room with abundant natural light. The tunes are subdued and the tone is serious. Sneaker design is no joke.

Voodoo Ray fanned out a collection of swatch materials for the exclusive Air Force One chassis that is only available through the 21 Mercer location. Some are natural, some are not. The variety of textures and colors is blindingly overwhelming, but Ray seems to know how to make it all flow. My original design evolved tremendously from start to finish as we combined creative forces to merge my imagination and his experience. We formed a symbiotic design formula and created a shoe that is a modern interpretation on classic colorways. Monochromatic made multifaceted by contrasting textures and subtle humor. The shoe is called "Hairistocracy" and will commemorate the launch of my sister site. Look for my fascinating full interview with Voodoo Ray at Hairistocracy.


Williamsburg Friday Morning

Woodley & Bunny from DriggsWoodley & Bunny retailI had the great fortune to visit the renowned Woodley & Bunny of Williamsburg and get a great new cut from Sasha Alekseyeva. The space was minimalist and utilitarian and cleanly served its intended purpose. Everything was neatly arranged and free of clutter. The front desk was exceptionally enthusiastic when greeting me and I was made to feel very comfortable without being corralled. The music was eclectic and irreverent with a volume level set right at "fun". Retail was organized and diverse, and featured a variety of products that you don't find at most apothecaries and salons. The salon layout was very simple with one goal: make great hair. Do yourself a favor the next time you're in Brooklyn, and visit Woodley & Bunny at North 10th & Driggs. Look for my full interview with Sasha at Hairistocracy.


Developing new sister site!

We are currently building a new website to compliment this one. Look for new companion site to launch this week following the Armory Art Show and International Beauty Show in New York. I'll be slaving away all weekend getting great interviews and stellar images to profile the best that the beauty biz has to offer.


Chakras Salon Fire Video