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What Do I Think About Keratin Straighteners?

Between You and Crystal Angel
Crystal Angel March 6 at 10:44am   Report
Hi there! Long time no talk! Gotta' question for ya'. I'm wanting to "professionalize" my style...curly hair is bringing me down lately. Do you use the Chi system at Chakras? Would you recommend it with my hair? I don't want it stick straight. I still want the volume and some waves.
Jay Bulluck March 6 at 12:26pm    
I don't recommend any straightening system for anyone. Not many people use the CHI (or Japanese) system any more- more salons are switching over to Brazilian formulas. What does that mean? It means that you and the stylist inhale poisonous formaldehyde vapors while you get the service. Brazilian Blowouts and Brazilian straightening are banned at my salon because of safety and liability concerns.
There's no system that just makes your hair perfect. It either takes out too much curl or not enough. (and there's no going back once you realize that you fucked up your hair.) I would tell you as a friend and a professional to stay away.
Crystal Angel March 6 at 1:29pm   Report
Oh, man....that sucks. I was really looking forward to less curly hair for once. Well, maybe it would be better if I just got it cut for a straighter style and you could show me how to blow dry and style it so that I have slight curl and a much more groomed look? I need to "dress the part" for work and that means changing this hippy ass hair-do I've had going on for years. I know you probably are booked forever but if I'm going to start taking the time to blow dry and/or use rollers in my hair every other day, I want a good cut and I want it done right. I trust you with my hair so would you be willing to help me make the transformation?