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Guest Stylist Experience


Woodley & Bunny is excited to announce our "Guest Stylist Experience".  In addition to our permanent Woodley & Bunny team, we will routinely welcome a selection of cutting, coloring, styling and editorial professionals from the US and abroad.  They will be available in-salon every 5 weeks - the exact amount of time it takes until you need that trim or color touch up to maintain your perfect look!

We launch the program October 14th with the introduction of an industry leader for the past decade - J Bulluck.  He was first inspired by the world of fashion. "My experiences in pattern making, assembly and finishing natural fibers transferred over to cosmetology quite naturally."  "I approach hair design with references from apparel, architecture, chemistry and light theory."

J consistently builds on his design and color foundations by attending regular classes and studying internationally with various masters of craft, who have developed techniques he admires.  J has trained with Bumble & bumble, Aveda, Sebastian, Keune, Swiss stylist Mike Karg and extensive color training with Wella's Color Directors Christopher and Sonja Dove.

J has a  loyal cliental and is a mentor to young stylists at his salon in Greensboro, NC.  Woodley and Bunny is excited to have J share his passion and expertise with the NY area and all of Woodley & Bunny's fabulous clients.

J will be available for cut and color appointments on a 5 week rotation.
Dates below :

October 14 - 17, 2010
November 18 - 21, 2010
December 16 - 19, 2010
January 20 - 23, 2011

Please contact Woodley & Bunny - 718 218 6588 - today to make your appointment!

Woodley & Bunny
196 N. 10th St
Brooklyn, New York 11211
TEL : 718 218 6588


Williamsburg Friday Morning

Woodley & Bunny from DriggsWoodley & Bunny retailI had the great fortune to visit the renowned Woodley & Bunny of Williamsburg and get a great new cut from Sasha Alekseyeva. The space was minimalist and utilitarian and cleanly served its intended purpose. Everything was neatly arranged and free of clutter. The front desk was exceptionally enthusiastic when greeting me and I was made to feel very comfortable without being corralled. The music was eclectic and irreverent with a volume level set right at "fun". Retail was organized and diverse, and featured a variety of products that you don't find at most apothecaries and salons. The salon layout was very simple with one goal: make great hair. Do yourself a favor the next time you're in Brooklyn, and visit Woodley & Bunny at North 10th & Driggs. Look for my full interview with Sasha at Hairistocracy.


Chakras Salon Fire Video


Chakras Salon Fire 2010

This is the aftermath of a nearly tragic fire that would have consumed my salon under normal conditions. The bravery and quick selflessness of neighbors allowed for early detection of the fire. And their courageous actions to extinguish it protected the building and its surrounding residents.

Early Thursday morning, January 15, a homeless man was passing by our window when he noticed the distinctive warm glow of an electrical fire in its infancy. Next door, an artisan bakery was making it's daily bread and responding to the man's call to duty.

Two young bakers broke the salon window and directed their fire extinguisher inside to unsuccessfully control the fire. Coincidentally, two firefighters on a morning run heard the glass breaking and approached, thinking there was a crime in progress.

One firefighter climbed through our window and emptied a second extinguisher on the growing blaze. Upon exhausting that one, the group formed an old fashioned bucket brigade to continue their efforts until the Greensboro Fire Department was able to quickly respond and finish the job.

I am personally grateful to the actions of these men and have a new respect for the fragility of our world and the human condition. We can so quickly lose what we think is important and frequently take for granted our material belongings. Look around and appreciate what you have and the ones you love. It can all change so fast.


Winter collection for men... Coming soon!

It's been a cold and wet end of the year for 2009. And what better way to warm things up than to unveil a hot new collection for the digital portfolio? I have worked closely with my DP, Sarah Rauers and my photographer, Evan Brennan to arrange four new looks for the last quarter. These guys exhude an attitude of confidence and an air of lowbrow sophistication. The collection is masculine and approachable, while still very wearable at work or at play. Musicians, students, professionals and artisans will embrace the feel of the collection and I'm truly excited for its launch.

I had a great time working with the models shooting in the warehouse district of historic Greensboro, North Carolina. Evan truly captured the essence of the modern rugged archetype juxtapozed against the merging of metal and encroaching organic consumption. It's a mixture of broken and fixed, young and old, present and past. Thanks to Rob, Scott, Jasen and Zach for modeling the new male collection.