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Current Projects Update

OK, so I've been kind of quiet recently and focused on developing my attention behind the chair and in the salon. Many of my recent projects have been long-term developments that have involved more than a couple of months of legwork and negotiations to deliver. While these wrap up and become finalized, I felt that I needed to break my silence to broadcast an update.

In the past couple of months, I have wrangled in a new product line for Chakras that I'm very proud of and love to get my hands into. Sachajuan is the burgeoning styling family that hails from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been on a quest to discover a fully functioning and unique range of shampoos, treatments and shapers that are user friendly, forgiving for novices, and approachable for a wide range of guests. In addition, I sought a line that was corporate-free and filled a unique niche within an indie salon environment. I think I've got a keeper- more to come on this partnership.

July was a busy month for me with a lot of travel. This marked the invitation to Bumble and Bumble's skills review for the upcoming 2010 fashion Week in New York. I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina Michaels and Bronwen to hone and polish my styling skills to ensure my readiness for backstage. I look forward to being a part of the B&b team for some exciting shows this year.

With the recent transitions made by Bumble and Bumble, I have decided to reach out to B&b's president, Peter Lichtenthal for a one-on-one conversation about how his decisions will affect our current salon culture and the relationship between stylists and their clientele. He has generously agreed to meet with me at the House of Bumble to address my questions and concerns stemming from the recent announcement of a partnership with beauty retail giant, Sephora. This joint venture plans to broaden B&b's exposure to the consumer market, while stimulating new referrals to selected Bumble network affiliates. The question is, how will this affect B&b's heritage and mission? What impact will this have on the independent retailer that must now compete with B&b directly online and in mass retail? Look for the full interview on




Chakras Salon Fire Video


Chakras Salon Fire 2010

This is the aftermath of a nearly tragic fire that would have consumed my salon under normal conditions. The bravery and quick selflessness of neighbors allowed for early detection of the fire. And their courageous actions to extinguish it protected the building and its surrounding residents.

Early Thursday morning, January 15, a homeless man was passing by our window when he noticed the distinctive warm glow of an electrical fire in its infancy. Next door, an artisan bakery was making it's daily bread and responding to the man's call to duty.

Two young bakers broke the salon window and directed their fire extinguisher inside to unsuccessfully control the fire. Coincidentally, two firefighters on a morning run heard the glass breaking and approached, thinking there was a crime in progress.

One firefighter climbed through our window and emptied a second extinguisher on the growing blaze. Upon exhausting that one, the group formed an old fashioned bucket brigade to continue their efforts until the Greensboro Fire Department was able to quickly respond and finish the job.

I am personally grateful to the actions of these men and have a new respect for the fragility of our world and the human condition. We can so quickly lose what we think is important and frequently take for granted our material belongings. Look around and appreciate what you have and the ones you love. It can all change so fast.